The Watchlist

The Watchlist is a digital compilation of global news released each week on the Michigan Journal of International Affairs’ website. The briefing service features 250 word summaries of the most pertinent, ongoing, or new developments in each of our worldly regions. In conjunction with MJIA’s argumentative, semester publication, the Watchlist offers objective coverage of immediate news to inform the University of Michigan student body of timely international affairs.

Truck Ploughs Through Crowd in Münster, Germany
Kemerovo Governor Resigns After Fire
puigdemont protests
Ex-Catalan Leader Detained by German Police
Marielle Franco
Brazil Mourns Slain Councilwoman
marine le pen
France’s National Front Rebrands
SPD Hands Merkel a Fourth Term
argentina sub
The Search for Argentina’s Missing Submarine Continues
Argentinian Activist’s Body Found Amid Congressional Elections
Hurricane Maria
Puerto Rico Continues to Feel Maria
OAS to Discuss Venezuela Crisis
Sabatina do ministro do STJ Teori Zavascki
Head Petrobras Judge Dies in Plane Crash
Mexico Faces Unrest Following Energy Protests
Press conference, Havana
Obama Lifts Visa-Free Residency for Cubans
Turkey Announces Constitutional Overhaul Bill
austria candidates
Austria Says “No” to the FPÖ
Fillon Seeks Runoff Victory as French Head to Polls
Matteo Renzi press conference, Rome
Italy Calls a Constitutional Referendum
Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy Guaranteed Reelection, Ending Year Long Impasse
nicola sturgeon
Possibility of A New Scottish Referendum
6 Ways Justin Trudeau Will Change Canadian Politics